Waterside B was a tale of two halves – one good,. with a tail wind and then we turned !! Some mastered the conditions and Samantha Martyn won the Junior Ladies K2 with Bronte Holden from Fowey in 2hrs 43 mins. In the same category there was a fine result for Felicity Hitchcock and Zoe Lunt who are training for the DW with Seaford College who came 3rd in 3hrs 17mins.

Thameside 2 was far more entertaining with a tailwind for the best part of the race and some reasonable flow on the river. All the action on the start line centered, unusually, around the slow K2 start ….odd numbers!!
Two Wey boats were to be seen hunting the lead wash off the start with Kiki Webb and Nerys Hall belying their young years and smashing the start. On the other side were Shane and Emma Houghting who were looking determined until air traffic control intervened and lined up flight SWAN 1&2 !!! . Normally an incoming swan hitting your paddles would surely result in a swim but Shane to his credit hardly breaks stroke!! Check out the video on racing canoe clubs FB page. If ever a 10th place (2 hrs 43 mins) deserved a big hand this was it. Kiki and Nerys went on to finish 5th in the junior ladies K2 in 2 hrs 53mins, a fine effort in their longest race to date. Continuing their good form were Felicity Hitchcock and Zoe Lunt who again came 3rd in the Junior Ladies 2hrs 48mins..Meanwhile the swan was last seen groggily waddling down Reading high street looking for SpecSavers and wondering why on earth he had chosen a South African of all people to crash into !!!

 There was a fine performance from Steve Smith and Joe Langham in the Veteran K2 race coming 4th in 2 hrs 30mins, whilst Elliot Dewdney and his partner Thomas Parmenter were also putting in a good performance coming 3rd in the Junior Boys race in 2hrs 35 mins and finally some old geriatric managed 3rd in the Veteran K1 race in 2 hrs 38mins