We had sunshine, won the football, broke 20 personal best times, had 13 people promoted, set course records and were only 8 points off a perfect score.

Any other year this would have won the competition, but this year there was a new rule giving points for volunteers helping at the regatta. Although we had many new people help – a big thank you to all of you – the scoring system gave Norwich 40 points more than us for their volunteers. Unfortunately, with the competition normally won by 10 points this was a deficit we were never going to make up and so ended up second despite having the highest score on the water.


We won points in many classes: Some predictable… for example a really solid performance from Rachel Cawthorn in Women’s A in K1 and in K2 with Abi Edmonds.  Some more surprising such as the C4 of Abi Edmonds, Joe Beevers, Miki and Andras which was the first club boat to finish – despite having no C1 paddlers in the boat.

Women’s D was another great success with Jemima, Lauren and Hollie dominating the K2 races. Masters B and C also pulled in points with club coaches doing their bit to ensure a good score, it was also great to see Tim Lodge back in action.


In juniors we were strong in many classes:

For girls we were second in both the  Girls C and D K4 races. In Girls D we were second by 0.04 seconds in the K2 200 (Amelie and Ella – yes siblings can paddle together!) before taking revenge by 0.01 seconds in the K2 500 (programme cover stars Amelie and Hannah).

In Girls A/B Samantha and Sophie were back in action with a close second in the K2 500 getting them selected as reserves for the junior world championships. Samantha went on to smash the girls K1 1000m course record dropping it from 4:21 to 4:08 with Sophie coming in second.

In boys, again we were strong across the board. In Boys D, Daniel Price was at his first regatta and looked as though he enjoyed the experience. In Boys C, Tate and Henry blasted off in the K2 200 and held on to take the win by 0.1 seconds. The Sams, while not in winning positions, have improved massively over the last months.

In Boys B, Ethan and Perry were banging on the door of the international selection panel for the Olympic Hopes regatta at the end of this season with selection looking like a real possibility. This time they narrowly missed selection, but we hope to see them at international events in coming years. They were the first club K2 in the 1000 giving the club good points. Our Boys B K4 (Ethan, Alex, Ryan, Jordan) was also the first K4 with all paddlers from one club in the BoysA/B K4 500.

Finally, a special mention to our C2, always a popular event for the spectators. Once again they were not disappointed with Rob and Abi generously deciding that after a GB team C2 came into their lane, it was wiser to jump in and swim than risk a collision, at least that is the official version of events.

There were so many good results across the weekend, we might not have mentioned them all here, so apologies if we missed yours – but rest assured, every performance was valued equally.


Promotions were achieved by: Sophie Thompson, Samantha Martyn, Zoe Brattisani, Amelie Smith, Ella Smith, Alex Bicknell, Jordan Martyn, Tate Hawkins, Kieran Burr, Oli Banks, Dan Plewman, Nick Carvell and Paul Dimmock. Congratulations to you all.

Above all, everyone had a fun weekend, the sun helped but the team spirit and supportive atmosphere (and large Chinese buffet) really made the weekend for everyone.  With so many promotions we have only 3 people racing in the Boys/Girls D category so a great time to involve some more paddlers.

Dave Martyn