Membership is purchased via our Webcollect page:

Routes to membership

To become a member, you need to have basic skills and be safe on the water (e.g. capable of recovering from a capsize and completing a self rescue). If you have already kayaked then you can complete a skills check with a short orientation to the club (email Otherwise you can join a course with the club (see ) to get those skills and basic training. The courses are run during warmer months of the year as being very cold and wet isn’t always the best fun when you’re beginning.

What do you get with membership?

As long as you are competent on the water you will be able to paddle in organised groups throughout the year. There are groups for all abilities and will always be supervised by a coach and/or a paddlesport assistant. Club boats can not be taken on the water unless under the direction of a coach or paddlesport assistant. Some groups are for social paddling, some are for athlete training. Boats (licenced for club activity on UK rivers), paddles and buoyancy aids are provided.

Thursday is club evening and there is an opportunity to have food and drink with other members after evening paddling/training.

When the clocks change for winter there are various gym sessions in the weekday evenings, but weekend paddling continues all year round unless the river physically freezes.

WKC is a competition club, so we host and run a number of events during the year. Club members race at regional, national and international events in sprint and marathon disciplines.

The club has a gym which you can use once you have completed an induction. You can not be a member of the club solely to use the gym.

Purchasing your membership

  • The membership year runs from 1st July
  • You can pay Annually or pay monthly instalments
  • You can pay by
    • Direct Debit
    • Bank Transfer
    • PayPal
    • Credit/Debit card (using PayPal, but you don’t need a PayPal account)
  • You can join as an
    • Adult £160
    • Student £105 (18-22 on 1st July) or
    • Junior £90 (under 18 on 1st July).
  • If you are a British Canoeing member you receive a £10 discount per person
  • “Out of Port” 50% discounted rate applies to those who wish to retain membership, but are away (e.g. living away at University or part of the GB Squad)
  • Family membership receives a discount of £20 per paddling member. The family unit must comprise of:
    • At least two paddling (full) members
    • At least one junior under 18 on 1st July
    • At least one adult (may be a social member)
    • Members of a family unit
  • Boat Storage £50 per boat (you also need to be a British Canoeing member)

To ask a question about membership, either see the Facebook Group, or email Calum, the Membership Secretary

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are membership rates?

Subscription rates can be seen on the Subscriptions page

I have a renewal notice for a single payment. How do I choose monthly instalments?

Click on the renewal email, and log on to WebCollect. When you see your renewals, select the RENEW buttons next to any memberships that you want to renew (they will be added to the basket), but leave the Annual subscription. Now click on “Buy a different Subscription” to add a monthly instalments option.

Do I need a PayPal Account to pay by Credit/Debit card?

No, PayPal allows you to pay by credit/debit card without creating an account.

Why should I use direct debit?

Direct Debit can be used for single or repeat payments. It’s extremely simple to set up (no signatures required, or difficult questions), and then you will have the option to renew your membership, or pay for future events using your Direct Debit. Payments are backed by the Direct Debit guarantee.

Can I pay for someone else?

Yes. There is a page at checkout where membership(s) are assigned to your name, and a link next to it saying “Change”. Click on that, and you will get the opportunity to add someone else and pay for them.

How do I change the membership type e.g. to renew with monthly instalments?

When you are renewing, you can

1) click on the “Renew” button for any subscriptions you want, then

2) wait a moment for the basket list to disappear

3) click on the Buy a New Subscription link

4) add a new membership subscription to your basket

5) Go to Checkout

Note, you can put the annual rack renewal and a monthly subscription on the same order – the racking will only be charged once per year.

How do I change the membership type on renewal for just one member of my family?

When you are renewing, you can

1) click on the “Renew All” button, then

2) wait a moment for the basket list to disappear

3) click on the Buy a New Subscription link

4) add a new membership subscription to your basket

5) Go to Checkout

6) “Remove from basket” for the renewal you don’t want

7) Click on the “Assign to” drop-down on the new membership subscription to choose who that is allocated to

8) Proceed to family details and checkout