About Wey Kayak Club

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 08.57.23Wey Kayak Club is one of the top kayak clubs in the country and caters for the needs of over 400 participants of all levels: from beginners to international level canoeists representing Great Britain at European Championships, World Championships, and Olympic Games. All our members paddle in flat-water conditions – “Placid Water” – using a wide range of canoes and kayaks built specifically for flat-water racing and suited perfectly for the conditions of the river Wey. With over 30 years of triumphs and victories, Wey Kayak Club has a rich tradition for racing and is one of the leading clubs in Great Britain, proud to have World and Olympic champions among our members. Without doubt, we are one of the most successful sporting organisations of Guildford and the surrounding area.

RK4 G elmbridgeThe Club has over thirty British Canoeing qualified coaches, who cover a great range of abilities and are able to take you from a beginner level all the way to the top if you aspire to go that far. A number of our members are involved in management at the national level and play an important role in the development of kayaking as a sport in England. Along with the sport activities, we run numerous social events such as our Club Night every Thursday, when our members can enjoy a delicious hot meal and a few drinks together after a training session.

Other highlights of our social life include a series of BBQs during the year, the Christmas Dinner given in honour of the Commodore and the traditional Boxing Day paddle to the Parrot Inn in the village of Shalford.

Clubhouse_RearWey Kayak Club played a key role in the re-building of the new Waterside Centre in Guildford, our home for over 30 years. The new multi-million pound, multi-functional and wheelchair-accessible complex enables us and a number of other sporting and community groups to expand our activities and embrace new members. We run introductory courses in the Spring and Summer to teach newcomers the basics of canoe / kayaking. To book one of these take a look at our Introductory Courses page.

If you are an established flatwater paddler, please email skillscheck@weykayak.co.uk to organise an assessment.To then apply for membership, please complete the online membership request form:

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