Last Saturday, club coach and man now in charge of boat repairs, gave an inspirational talk about looking after our club’s valuable kit. We learnt that it’s not only private boats with fancy paint jobs that cost an awful lot of money – our battered old club workhorses would all cost well over £1,000 to replace new, the racing k2s as much as £4,000.And that if you leave water in a boat, it will become as bendy as overcooked pasta. So we should all be drying our boats out with towels before they go away in the shed.

Dave also got some volunteers to jump in the river and demonstrate incorrect and correct emptying techniques. The incorrect one, dragging a full boat out onto the bank, made quite an impression. Thanks to Bryan and Patrick for taking a swim for the team!

Paddles – these are for paddling with, not for digging or javelin throwing – who knew???
And they cost as much as an Xbox. When Dave turned the Xbox into an ex-box by lobbing it onto the concrete he got the message across.

Thanks to Dave for such an engaging talk.

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