Step-by-step renewal

  1. You can start either by logging in to and clicking on Renew, or clicking on the link provided in the email reminder

  2. You now have some options:
    a) Select Renew All if you want to renew everything
    b) Click individually on on Renew on all the subscriptions you want to keep
    c) Click on Buy a different subscription if you want to add a new subscription or change to a new one e.g. if you’re changing to Direct Debit (highly recommended), or from a Junior to Student sub.  You can then select what you want to addrenew2

  3. Click on My basket and then Checkout

  4. If there are any subscriptions that you have just added, then you might need to enter details under the heading “Assign members to subscriptions”.Click Proceed to Family details and checkout

  5. Check all family details (see each tab has a different name for family members) and Proceed to checkout

  6. Continue from item 17 of Membership Setup