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46th Wey Hasler Marathon 2018


Report: A Good Day at the Races

 How long is this portage ?? 2 miles .!!… I don’t remember that being mentioned at the briefing !!  Nothing like the twang of a snapping rudder wire to put a dampener on your day ….that lasted only until arriving back at the clubhouse which was filled with the buzz of club members celebrating theirs and their friends successes…….the bare facts were 23 podium places ,22 promotions and 239 points  ..enough for the club to win the day and move back into second place in the regional Hasler qualifying table ..
The morning racing highlighted how well Steve,Gavin,Hugh,Roy,Ollie,Mick and Malcolm amongst others are bringing along their paddlers……In Div 9 K2 a hotly contested race saw Kiki Webb and Nerys Hall emerge victorious closely followed in 3rd place by Greta Roeser and Honor Lewis all being rewarded with promotion to 8…….Div 9 K1 Ben Skwarski should be very proud racing fast enough to come 2nd and gain a double promotion straight to 7….Also in line for promotion were ..Elise Falco  5th , Arthur Morley 7th ,Patrick Allan 8th all to 8 ….well done all…
It wasn’t all about the youngsters in Div9 however ….The K1 race was won by Ollie Hopkins whilst in 3rd place came Bryan Leaver both promoted to 7 and 8 respectively
Div 8 K1 and the tussel of the youngsters in this race ended with Elliot Dewdney claiming second  with Daniel Price a very worthy 3rd……..Their progress reflected in promotion to 6 and 7 respectively……In the K2 race father Henry and son Charlie Camilleri won on their debut to Hasler racing..
Div 7 K1 ….Chris Bush put his recent purchase of a boat in club cols to good effect coming 3rd whilst Isabella Jones continued a recent theme of u14 girls progressing well by coming 5th both being rewarded with promotion to 6…..Div 7 K2 Dom Melly and Linda Baily put the frustration of a cancelled DW to good effect and came 2nd…AEphotos_AE_24Apr16_DX_8791-(ZF-2745-80227-1-001)  In the afternoon racing it was great to see a good club mix of young and old ….er members racing …. some for the first time in a while …Lauren,Hugh,Chris,Batty ..twas great to have you in the team…..the Div 6 race was won by Hugh Beardall who carried his enthusiasm  straight into div 4 ! Calum Shaw was 5th ensuring his promotion to 5 will stick this time !
Div 5 K1   Nick Carvell  2nd started  strongly but was eventually hauled in by Sam Dauncey 1st ..both being rewarded with promotion to 4……K2 Sam Swan and Charlie Conroy persevered to take 2nd closely followed by Hannah Suttie and Ella Smith who were transferring their good form from the sprints into the marathon discipline…Charlie was rewarded being promoted to 5
In Div4 Sophie Thompson showed the boys how to do it coming 2nd and being rewarded with promotion to 3      not far behind,and again showing lots of signs of the benefits of a great training program …set up and implemented by Dimmo,Batty ,Pete and Dave, were Kieran Burr 3rd ,Ptolemy Morris 4th…….K2 was won by another frustrated DW crew in Dan Plewman and Dave Branchflower  whilst 2 place was taken by Steve Smith and Joe Langham which was a fine effort in their first race in this division.
In Div 3 Perry Lewis narrowly missed promotion whilst coming 4th
Div 2 K2 points were assured as we had 5/6 paddlers in the race …Andy Nicholson and Paul Baker had the dubious pleasure of taking 3rd whilst 1st and 2nd were fought over by 4 lads that are pushing each other ever higher up the rankings….On this Occassion Jordan Martyn and Ethan Wilkinson came out on top with Alex Bicknell and Ryan Ingham having to settle for 2nd …..Alex and Ryan are off to the German National Championships  on Sunday week as part of the Great Britain Marathon Racing Committees Development Team where we wish them the best of luck..
many thanks go to all the volunteers and supporters without whom the day just would not of been as good…….
enjoy your paddling Paul Thompson

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